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04 February 2008


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[this is good] Wow, great swatches! I am really liking Aurora, Blushing Werewolf, and Persephone's Wolf!


Thank you for the very nice swatches you made...makes me want to order again.  Uh oh ;-)


Great swatches!  Where did you swatch the colors?  Usually I see swatches on the arm but is that your arm?  Sorry for the dumb question! *blushes*


Those are really great colors, but Blushing Werewolf looks much better on the eyes than on the cheeks IMHO. :)


Glad you liked them! There are so many e/s out there I want to try too. Looking at pics can be dangerous... ;)


No problem! Yes, that's is the inside of my left arm. I have cropped the photos so it might look as an anatomical abnormality, he he... ;)


I love these colors!  Amazing difference between flash/no flash!  Thanks for posting them...........


Thanks! :) Yes, these colors are very interesting, they look different in different lightning and when you apply them wet they get even more intense.


I love how DW shadows are so intense without foiling

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