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05 July 2008


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It is really nice swatches ! I thought I wanted to try Dream World. My skin color is yellow/peach... warm color....

Your skin looks very light and fair on pic but you think their foundation shades are too light.. I will have to be careful in choosing. Thank you for your advice.


Hi Nory! Glad you liked them. The foundations are really nice, especially if you like a heavier coverage. I have seen some swatches of yellow toned DW foundations on Vox, you might find them helpful. The colors are really light and I tan a bit in summer, the picture is taken at my palest time :)


I love your chart.  You are super neat!  Will definitely be referring to this when i order some DW foundation.  the slow response has made me stray to EDM, Joppa and Blusche foundations, but i still love DW eyeshadows and finishing powders.  


Darn! I wish you were more my color. Then I would have a very nice chart to go by! It looks really organized!


These swatches are very, very useful. Thanks for the chart.


Thank you Jandi! I'm glad you found the swatches useful. :)

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