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09 July 2008


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I ordered the exact same thing, heavy coverage (just to try) and medium coverage and a peach package.  I had the same issue with SN foundation the color always seem to be off so I will be experimenting with these in the next couple of days should be receiving it soon.


Thanks for your review!


been wondering whether to try the heavier coverage fdns.. thanks for your input. :)

Personally, I'm really happy with the way SN fdn feels on my skin. I hate feeling an obvious layer of m/u. SN just makes me feel like I'm wearing my own skin and nothing else. If you know what I mean. :P


thanks for your review, i am interested in the heavy coverage foundation too! i am pretty much interested in heavy coverage anything! lol!


Good luck with your samples. I hope you will find a great match. :)


Glad you liked it :)


I know what you mean :) The heavy formula doesn't feel much different than the original one. Give it a try :)


Thanks :) The heavy coverage feels really nice, and it covers very well. I have only worn it for a few hours, but my first impression is good. :)

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